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September 29, 2016
PFFL Headlines
September 5, 2015 - 12:56 pm EST

How does your draft stack up?

It's draft analysis time! Here is my analysis of the 2015 draft. I gave a brief analysis of the lottery pick, what I thought was the biggest reach, and what I am calling the lottery ticket which is a player selected in the 10th round or later that could play a major roll on the team. I then gave an overall analysis. As always, this is just one man's opinion and all in good fun! Enjoy!


Large Mar...read more >

August 27, 2015 - 4:41 am EST

New this year, show your Fantasy Football team spirit with customized, downloadable wallpapers for your computer desktop and/or you phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Now available for download from your team manger page.

How do you get yours? It's Easy - here's how you find it...

  1. Go to your team page from the navigation above
  2. Locate "Download Team Wallpaper" in the header of your team page
  3. Click either Desktop o...read more >

December 18, 2014 - 12:35 pm EST

Left-Footed Punters vs UrMoMs Tight End: And then we were down to two. After two straight years of Revenge vs Phins, and three straight years of Phins, we have two new teams in the championship this year, neither of which has a championship win to their credit. For the Tight End, this is only their second year in the league and it has been a nice jump forward from year one. The Tight End won their division and locked down the number two seed to earn a first round bye. Th...read more >

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2016 Draft Order
1. Large Marge  (Margalynn Denson)
2. Psychotic Psychos  (Fred Laurin)
3. Hook, Line & Sinkers  (Kelly Beam)
4. Crispy's Raiders  (Chris Denson)
5. Dragon's Fury  (Chris Putman)
6. BB Bangerz  (Robert Putman)
7. Fierce Tigers  (Jason Tenny)
8. Feral Hogz  (Joe Skiba)
9. African Ambush  (Steve Putman)
10. Foozeball Freaks  (Jim Krygier)
11. Hydra's Revenge  (Jeffrey Rosellen)
12. LV Gamblers  (Thom Belasky)
13. UrMoMs Tight End  (Ray Combs)
14. Left Footed Punters  (Zack Fields)
2016 Lottery
last updated 8/10/15

1. Aaron Rodgers, GB
2. Andrew Luck, IND
3. Russell Wilson, SEA
4. Peyton Manning, DEN
5. Drew Brees, NO

1. Le'Veon Bell, PIT
2. Eddie Lacy, GB
3. Jamaal Charles, KC
4. Adrian Peterson, MIN

1. Antonio Brown, PIT
2. Demaryius Thomas, DEN
3. Dez Bryant, DAL
4. Odell Beckham Jr., NYG
5. Jordy Nelson, GB

PFFL Featured Polls
Which 2015 offensive rookie is poised to make the biggest impact?

Jameis Winston, QB, TB 50%
Amari Cooper, WR, OAK 0%
Tyler Lockett, WR, SEA 50%
Marcus Mariota, QB, TEN 0%
Todd Gurley, RB, STL 0%
2 total votes

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